Enroll in CAFM Live and Experience NAFA’s Institute and Expo at no Additional Cost!

CAFM Live (formerly CAFM U) is a NAFA Certification Learning Program, which is hosted in a vibrant, continuing education community and industry event where you’ll meet potential new colleagues, friends and fellow learners. 
  • Register for CAFM Live and as a special bonus, attend NAFA's Institute and Expo, the fleet industry’s leading experiential event designed to inform, inspire and connect current or aspiring leaders in the fleet industry – at no additional cost.  
  Certification Testing at I&E

Interested in just testing for your CAFM or CAFS?  CAFM LIVE has the flexibility to let you take the exams you want and then attend I&E, without the boot camp classes.

Learn more about testing at I&E  


Industry Note:  CAFM certified professionals can earn up to 27% more income across their fleet careers, per Certification Report, 2018.


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