I&E Registration Terms & Conditions

Admission Policy

All Attendees & Exhibitors are required to wear their official show badge and badge holder at all times. Use of a badge by a person not named on the badge is grounds for confiscation and possible removal from the event. If you lose your badge, please return to Registration to obtain a replacement – fees may apply.
Admission is restricted and by license only, revocable by NAFA at any time. You are not permitted to engage in any activity that is unlawful, in violation of the show rules or the convention center lease terms, or is anti‐ethical to the purposes and good order of the Event and its operation by NAFA.
NAFA reserves the right to revoke your badge and to have Security remove you from the Event premises at any time without prior notice. If NAFA revokes your badge, no refund of fees paid for admission or spent on travel will be refunded. 

Alcohol Policy

We recognize the legitimate serving of alcoholic beverages in the process of conducting business and social activities. We also recognize that the use and consumption of alcohol carries with it the requirement for all attendees to consume those beverages responsibly and in keeping with our professional code of ethics and conduct.  We strongly oppose the abuse and misuse of alcohol at all NAFA events. Anyone consuming alcohol must be of legal drinking age. Any event‐related functions serving alcohol will require a valid ID for purchase or consumption.

Americans with Disabilities Act

We take pride in ensuring that our meetings and events are accessible to all attendees with special needs. All meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible. Should you require special arrangements, please contact our event staff at tmercardo@nafa.org


Announcements are only made for official Show business. We encourage Attendees, if separated from their group, to designate an area to meet.


In keeping with the business atmosphere of Institute & Expo, all booth personnel shall wear acceptable business attire – casual or otherwise such as corporate identity uniforms. Attendees should dress in business casual attire. Sturdy, safe shoes should be worn by all individuals. Set Up and Tear Down on the Show floor is considered an active construction zone and for your safety, open‐toed shoes (sandals, flip‐ flops, etc.) are NOT permitted.

Badges & Registration

Admittance for members into all official show events and functions is granted through the use of an official show badge and applicable tickets. Your badge must be worn in a visible location at all times. Badges may not be given to other individuals or resold. All badged individuals must be at least 18 years of age.
Badge Corrections – If someone’s badge has been misspelled or needs corrections to other data in their record, this may be done at no charge at Registration. The original badge must be exchanged for the corrected badge.
Badge Reprint Fee – In the event you lose or forget your badge, there will be a $50 Reprint Fee for a replacement badge. To have a replacement badge printed please go to registration with your identification, and one will be printed for you for the appropriate fee.
Cancellation – Registration may be cancelled with the following fees and penalties.  All cancellations must be made in writing, via email and sent to registration@nafa.org. Cancellations received on or before June 12 are eligible for a full refund.  Cancellations received between June 13 and September 4 are eligible for a 50% refund.  Cancellation received after September 4 are not eligible for a refund.
Exhibitor Badges: No attendee will be admitted with an “Exhibitor” badge designation.  Should an attendee be found with an Exhibitor badge, the issuing exhibitor company will be liable for all registration fees applicable to a full conference badge. 
Spouse/Guest Badges: No Guest/Spouse badge may be issued to persons who are involved in the fleet industry.  Should such a person be found with a Guest/Spouse badge, the person who registered the Guest/Spouse will be responsible for all registration fees applicable to a full conference badge. 
Substitution – Name substitutions (within the same company/organization) may be made until June 13 at no charge.    After June 13 all name substitutions will incur a $100 processing fee.  If the name change results in a higher registration fee/category being selected you will be charged for the difference in rates.  If a substitution results in the new registrant being a in a lower fee category, the higher rate stands and no refunds shall be made.

Data Collection

By registering for I&E you consent to NAFA’s collection and storage of the data on the registration form. NAFA may share collected contact information with authorized vendors, exhibitors, sponsors and service providers.  NAFA does not sell email addresses or telephone numbers.

Hold Harmless Policy

All Show Attendees and Exhibitors hereby agree to release and hold harmless NAFA Show Management, its employees, vendors, agents, contractors, Board members and owners from any and all alleged and/or actual liability, claims, actions, lawsuits, damages, or losses, of any kind (“Claim”) which arise out of or result from attendance and at and participation in the event, including but not limited to property damage and personal injuries, whether or not foreseeable.

Exhibitor Meetings, Events and Seminars

All meetings, events and seminars must be registered with NAFA Show Management. Meetings, events and seminars not designated or organized as a part of the Conference or Expo, are not permitted during conference hours, expo hours, or NAFA hosted events. This includes events taking place at any NAFA contracted property (Convention Center or Hotel).
Events, seminars and meetings must be registered and approved by using the appropriate NAFA official Meeting Room Request Form.  You can request a form by contacting NAFA show management at events@nafa.org.

Mobile/Cell Phone Policy

As a courtesy to the speakers and your fellow attendees, please turn off all mobile phones during meetings and sessions.
During the Registration process, you are asked (but not required) for your mobile phone number. This will not only notify you (via text message) of certain programs you are registered for, but will be used in case of emergency during the event. Your mobile number will only be used the week of the event and will NOT be stored in NAFA’s database for any further use.

No Smoking Policy

The Convention Center is a nonsmoking facility. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the center except in designated outside smoking areas.


Pets are not allowed at I&E. The only exception is for service animals. Please contact Show Management with questions.

Photography and Videos

Sessions are protected by US Copyright laws.  Photography and video/audio recording of any kind are strictly prohibited in the sessions and throughout the Exhibition area or any other area or event. Sessions may permit recording on a case‐by‐case basis, but this will be established prior to the course’s start. Due to the sensitive nature of new products and unique booth displays at the Show, photographs or video of any booths on the Exhibit floor or conference sessions by any Attendee/Exhibitor personnel other than the Official Photographic Contractor for those booths is prohibited. Exceptions are made only when permission is obtained from the Exhibitor whose booth/product is being photographed as well as from all individuals appearing in the photograph.
Convention and/or Exhibitor photos and recordings cannot be copied, altered, sold, Exhibited, or further distributed without NAFA prior written consent.  NAFA retains the right to revoke consent.
Exhibitors and Attendees understand that AFCI Show Management or its authorized representatives may conduct interviews and may take photographs and/or videotape and may also stream the various aspects and activities of I&E for both archival and promotional purposes. By attending I&E, Exhibitors and Attendees hereby grant to NAFA Show Management and its authorized representatives the absolute right and permission to use your name, likeness, biographical information, voice, content of any interview, image and/or photograph and any other indicia of persona ("Persona") or to refrain from doing so, in any manner or media whether existing now or hereinafter developed (including without limitation the World Wide Web and the Internet), worldwide, for trade, advertising and/or promotional purposes. Exhibitors and Attendees agree Exhibitors and Attendees shall have no rights of review or approval, no Claim to compensation, and no Claim arising out of or resulting from the use, alteration, blurring, distortion or illusionary effect (whether intentional or otherwise) or use in any composite form of Persona and agree to release and hold NAFA Show Management and its authorized representatives harmless for any and all such use(s).


Media credentials are reserved exclusively for working members of the editorial media, including print, broadcast, radio or online. In order to maintain a B2B environment conducive for buyers and sellers to do business, media credentials are only available to media that are related to the industry, or those that cover small businesses or another relevant topic. Public Relations, Advertising, publishers and marketing personnel representing manufacturers do not qualify for media credentials. Video production companies that are representing exhibitors or those that are charging companies to be covered do not qualify for media credentials. All Media are required to follow the Photography and Video policy.  Approved individuals who abuse their media privileges or who misrepresent themselves in obtaining their media passes may risk having their credentials revoked, and their names banned from attending I&E in future years.


The Convention Center is patrolled by uniformed and plainclothes public safety staff. Access to meeting rooms and exhibit areas is by proper badge only. For your safety and convenience, please note the following:
  • Attendees and Exhibitors are advised to carry two forms of identification. At least one picture ID is suggested, along with some verifiable company ID.
  • Always wear your NAFA badge on Convention Center premises. Do not cover it with business cards or other obstructions.  Do not wear another person’s badge, even temporarily.
  • Bags and packages are subject to search by Show Security, law enforcement or public safety personnel. Ordinary hand‐carried items will not be barred from any areas: laptop cases, camera bags (See Photography and Video policy), literature bags, and small backpacks will be allowed, but they may occasionally be courteously searched. Please do not leave any items unattended at any time.
  • Security has the right to remove any individual that appears to pose a threat to the safety and security of the event.

Suit‐casing & Out‐boarding

Exhibitors & Sponsors at our show have invested and committed their support to this industry. They have planned for several months or more to bring the Attendees the experience they seek and deserve.
Suitcasing Policy: Only contracted Exhibitors are permitted to promote their products, services or company at the Show. Unless a marketing opportunity (i.e. sponsorship, showcase, Exhibitor‐presented seminar, etc.) has been contracted by the Exhibitor through the NAFA Show Management, all company promotion and product sampling must occur within the contracted booth space. This includes, but is not limited to “roaming” characters, handing out flyers, approaching Exhibitor booths to sell products, and leaving and/or distributing product information in public spaces and show floor aisles. Exhibitors found doing so will be sent back to their booth space and materials left will be confiscated and disposed of properly. Attendees will be asked to leave the show and forfeit their badge. Additional penalties may apply. Any “suit‐casers” observed by both attendees and exhibitors should be reported to the Show Management immediately.
Outboarding Policy: Out‐boarding is defined as marketing, sales, and hospitality events conducted by exhibitors and others capitalizing on the presence of buyers and/or sellers attending the original show without previously notifying the original show organizer and finalizing an arrangement that benefits both parties. This practice is considered unethical and is condemned by Show Management. It includes practices such as “coat‐tailing,” “piggy‐backing,” co‐location of events, and large‐scale hospitality events, particularly during show, educational, or event hours.
All show policies are subject to change