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Fleet Excellence Awards Nominations Now Open; Honor Your Peers, Clients, or Your Own Achievements


Fleet Excellence Awards Nominations Now Open; Honor Your Peers, Clients, or Your Own Achievements

NAFA's Fleet Excellence Awards (FLEXYs) are a true fleet management industry award and a prestigious opportunity to reward strong results. Every fleet management professional is welcome to submit an entry for the FLEXYs, regardless of where in the world their or their clients' fleets are based. Nominees are not required to be Members of NAFA Fleet Management Association and are not required to have a CAFM® certification.

There is no cost for submissions, and you can submit today at this location.

The Fleet Excellence Award winners are chosen in a blind voting process. To ensure the legitimacy of these awards, judges never see the names of the nominees or the organizations they work for. Voting is based solely upon the actions and ideas listed by the nominees on their submission forms. This means judging by merit, not name recognition.

All instances of name, gender, place of work and position, and any other information that might otherwise identify an individual will be removed. FLEXY submissions depend solely on the quality of fleet-related accomplishments.

The Fleet Excellence Awards are broken into two categories:

  • Excellence in Public Fleet or Mobility Management
  • Excellence in Corporate/Private Fleet or Mobility Management

Each submission must contain a summary of the registrant’s work in 500 words or less. Should the judges need more information, the registrant will be notified.

Some important information to note prior to submitting:

  • Nominees will ONLY be included in the running for the FLEXYs if the efforts were initiated or substantiated in the year 2018. All-encompassing efforts stemming from ongoing efforts preceding 2018 cannot be added without sufficient documentation that supports why these should be included in their entry.
  • Submissions must have documentation that corroborates the validity of the entry. (Example: carbon emissions reduced, money saved year-over-year, safety actions that resulted in reductions of crashes and overall injury, policy changes that have had a dramatic change on fleet procedures and/or functionality, etc.)
  • Winners will be honored at NAFA’s annual Institute & Expo in Louisville, Ky.
  • Awards are open to all fleet management professionals, regardless of where their fleet is based around the world.
  • You do not have to be a Member of NAFA to enter.
  • You can nominate yourself or fleet colleagues.
  • Finalists will be notified in February 2019.

Submissions close on Friday, February 1, so do not delay. You can submit at: https://www.nafainstitute.org/About-IE/FLEXYAwards/FLEXYAwards-Submission.aspx