Preconference Events


This year NAFA is excited to host two preconference workshops will be held on Monday April 23rd leading into the start of  I&E:


NAFA’s International Fleet Academy/Mobility Pre-Con 

NAFA’s International Fleet Academy – Where are You? Advancing on the Mobility Continuum

Where will the fleet/mobility industry be 10 years from now? We all realize that radical change is coming, in the form of more sharing, greater autonomy, and an explosion of technology. More than ever, fleet professionals need education and peer networking to stay up to date on the mobility continuum and all it entails for the industry. Fleet Managers who don’t embrace and lead mobility risk obsolescence.

Disaster Planning Pre-Con 

Are you really ready?  The Critical Role of Fleets Before, During and Post-Disaster

Harvey, Irma, Juan, floods, fires, and ice... It doesn’t matter where you are located, fleet professionals must plan and respond to disasters. With fires raging in California and Western Canada, devastating hurricanes, and torrential floods hitting Canada and the Midwest, this past year has been epic in generating lessons learned – from preparation through execution to post-event.  Hear from Fleet Managers who planned for it, lived through it, and learned from it!