IFA Agenda

IFA Mobility Agenda

International Fleet Academy – Where are You? Advancing on the Mobility Continuum

Fleet Mobility Pre-conference - April 23, 2018, 12:30- 5:30pm*

Program Description
Where will the fleet/mobility industry be 10 years from now? We all realize that radical change is coming, in the form of more sharing, greater autonomy and an explosion of technology. More than ever, fleet professionals need education and peer networking to stay up to date on the mobility continuum and all it entails for the industry.  Fleet Managers who don’t embrace and lead mobility risk obsolescence.


12:30 - Networking Lunch by Merchants Fleet Management  

12:45-1:30 - The Continuum: Mobility from Infancy to Reality
This session sets the scene for the day. Studies show the transformation of the global transportation market from vehicle acquisition to a larger and broader mobility-based future. Why do these studies influence global OEM’s to spend billions of dollars developing technology and programs that allow for this transition? Why do these studies energize fleet management companies to increase investment in the development of processes that allow for flexible mobility alternatives? Let’s look at some of this data, as organizations try to adapt to this trend. Are you and your company prepared for this reality?
Moderator: Steve Higgs, Manager, Global & NA Regional Fleet Development, GM Fleet and Commercial
Presenter: Darin Walsh, Sr Manager, Maven Fleet

1:30-2:15 - Keynote: How “Machine Learning” Will Lead the Future of Fleet Autonomy and Mobility
As the era of Machine Learning Autonomy rapidly approaches, the role of fleet management will be definitively impacted. The Senior Technical Product Manager for machine learning at Uber ATG will discuss how Uber positions itself in this era. What does the approach of autonomy mean to the fleet industry and how can a safety-first emphasis be preserved? 
Moderator – Heidi DiAngelo
Presenter – Steven Choi

Steven Choi's Bio: Steven Choi is the Senior Technical Product Manager, focusing on machine learning and autonomy, at Uber Advanced Technologies Group, the firm’s autonomous cars and trucks unit. His team mission is to build out a fully autonomous system that works across the fleet. Prior to Uber ATG, Steven had 15-plus years of experience in autonomous system development at Google X and Northrop Grumman, building autonomous systems for vehicles, drones, and satellites. He also worked at Intel and AT&T and attended University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and University of Southern California. 

2:15-3:00 - Changing Your Language: TCO to TCM (Total Cost of Mobility)
In this session you will learn what defines Total Cost of Mobility and how this new approach can change the way you manage your fleet - in the not so distant future. Are you wondering how you might employ alternative solutions to move your drivers from point A to point B  (such as car sharing, use of public transportation, and ride hailing) to improve efficiencies and decrease cost? Come listen to examples for starting your own mobility strategy, join the live discussion, and walk away with the tools to help your company get started along the journey.  (Group conversation on how YOU can make this shift in YOUR organization)
Moderator – Mario Moses
- Hans Damen, Partner, Fleet 360

3:00-3:30 - Networking Break

3:30-4:15 - Arming Yourself for the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Revolution
Transportation is evolving more rapidly than ever before, which brings new opportunities for greater efficiencies but also many fleet management challenges. This seminar will serve as a roadmap to navigate topics such as: the role of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in changing fleet management, moving away from assigned vehicles to pool and mobility solutions, incorporating ridesharing, carsharing, and last-mile delivery solutions into your fleet, and the future of products in a mobile fleet world. 
 Moderator: Ellen Poelmans, Athlon
-  John Korte
- Stuart Donnelly, Sixt

4:15-5:00 - Fleet Electrification Trends and Practicalities
The world is actively pursuing opportunities to decrease our carbon footprint and become more energy efficient.  Initiatives such as the EV100, whose members are committed to electrification of vehicles by 2018, is one such step. As you seek to incorporate electric vehicles into your own fleet strategy, you may find yourself asking some questions: Which countries are most developed in charging station infrastructure?  Which electric vehicle models are most cost-affective?  What is the most efficient way to begin developing such an initiative?  Come hear what is on the horizon for vehicle electrification, and learn from examples of other companies who have implemented such e-strategies in their own fleet programs.  This session will help guide you in considering practical next steps towards electrification
Moderator: Dawn Santelli
Presenter: Berno Klein Herenink, Sr VP Commercial

5:00-5:30 – Lessons Learned (Panel): Fleet Managers Discuss Their Journeys Along the Mobility Continuum
The technology is almost a side issue. It will come. What fleet managers need to be concerned with today, however, is what they need to do to prepare. What is the impact on current policies and what new policies will be needed? Are there major changes to infrastructure that will be needed? How is this going to impact fleet staff and budgets?
Moderator: David Hayward
- Darin Walsh
- Stuart Donnelly
- Hans Damen
- Berno Klein Herenink
- John Korte

6:00-7:00* – Networking Reception 
* Invitation to the Board reception 6:00 pm-7:00 pm included in enrollment

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