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IFA Mobility Keynote

IFA Mobility Keynote: How “Machine Learning” Will Lead the Future of Fleet Autonomy and Mobility

As the era of Machine Learning Autonomy rapidly approaches, the role of fleet management will be definitively impacted. The Senior Technical Product Manager for machine learning at Uber ATG will discuss how Uber positions itself in this era. What does the approach of autonomy mean to the fleet industry and how can a safety-first emphasis be preserved? 
Time – 1:30-2:15
Moderator –
Heidi DiAngelo
Presenter – Steven Choi

Steven Choi's Bio: Steven Choi is the Senior Technical Product Manager, focusing on machine learning and autonomy, at Uber Advanced Technologies Group, the firm’s autonomous cars and trucks unit. His team mission is to build out a fully autonomous system that works across the fleet. Prior to Uber ATG, Steven had 15-plus years of experience in autonomous system development at Google X and Northrop Grumman, building autonomous systems for vehicles, drones, and satellites. He also worked at Intel and AT&T and attended University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and University of Southern California.