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Hotel Warning!

NAFA does NOT use any telemarketing or email campaigns in regards to booking hotel rooms in Indianapolis.  



NAFA WARNING: Beware of Unauthorized Housing Provider Solicitations

NAFA’s Institute & Expo (I&E) brings many fleet leaders and vendors together from around the world. With that volume of travelers, third-party lodging companies, some of which have proven to be scammers, take notice and begin soliciting potential attendees for lodging and travel services. NAFA does not work with or authorize any organizations to use the NAFA or I&E names and logos to solicit attendees for lodging.

These companies are soliciting and encouraging NAFA members and exhibitors to book hotel rooms through them and in many cases have cancellation fees.
Protect Yourself from Unauthorized Housing Providers with these easy steps!
  1. BE AWARE. Be aware of marketing emails, websites, phone calls or direct mail to ensure they are official NAFA communications. The best way to verify an official NAFA communication is by making sure is the predominant website or web domain referenced on any materials, emails, websites, etc.
  2. BOOK YOUR HOTEL through NAFA’s official housing reservation – I&E registration opens early December! Once you register for I&E, your confirmation e-mail will include the link to book your housing.  To provide I&E registered attendees the best available hotel rooms, this year hotel reservations will only be available to those who register on or before January 31, 2020.  Then the link will be available to anyone.
  3. DO NOT REPLY to an unsolicited email, phone call or direct mail requesting that you make a hotel reservation unless the request comes directly from NAFA ( Note, 100% of all NAFA staff members maintain an email address from the web domain (Example:
LOOK OUT for these Unauthorized Housing Provider WARNING Signs:
  • Receiving an email or a phone call that is NOT from NAFA marketing or events team encouraging you to book your hotel reservation.
  • Always look for in the emails you receive offering the same or a lower rate than NAFA’s $209 negotiated room rate. Cheaper rates typically represent far less favorable terms than what NAFA has negotiated with the hotels.
  • An unforgiving cancellation policy.
  • Little to no contact information on their website and a failure to respond when you attempt to contact them.

Unauthorized Housing Provider Listing:

The companies listed below are a sample of trade show lodging solicitors. Because these companies have no connection with NAFA or I&E, NAFA DOES NOT recommend using their services:

  • A&C Marketing: 352-375-0086 or 352-264-0044
  • Allied Acquisition Services: 888-908-8155 or 212-441-3140 or 855-987-4400
  • CBB-Housing: 888-709-8423 or 323-283-8082
  • CH Planners: 800-801-4174
  • Convention Hotel Services: 855-265-1061
  • Convention Housing Authority: 212-441-3140
  • Convention Housing Services
  • Corporate Booking Services; CBS International
  • Exhibition Housing Management/EHM Travel: 866-367-4414
  • Executive Events: 888-393-5217
  • Exhibition Speed Services: 302-272-9066
  • Exhibitor Housing Services: 800-217-4402
  • Expo Housing Services/EHS: 866-319-3976
  • GE Group Travel: 888-467-7279
  • Global Housing Corp.
  • Global Housing Management: 877-410-9927
  • Global Travel Planner: 571-349-0063 / 310-882-5489
  • National Travel Accommodations/NTA: 877-595-7666
  • National Travel Associates
  • Pro Housing Corp: 800-990-2057
  • Tira Convention Travel Management/Group Tira: 877-607-3888
  • Trade Show Housing: 877-577-1806
  • Trade Show Planners LLC: 888-511-343
  • 7661-748-0240 (no company is associated with this Skype phone number)

Please be aware, the most recent targeting has come from a company called ‘Attendee or Exhibitors Housing.’ If you are contacted by ‘Attendee or Exhibitor Housing’, DO NOT give them any personal information and please contact NAFA immediately at

If you have received a solicitation from any of these companies, or from any other company, offering to assist you in making your hotel reservations — through regular mail, email, or by phone — please contact NAFA’s Director of Meetings and Events, Tina Lynn Mercardo, at or 609-986-1050. Please include how you were solicited and if NAFA trademarks were used; sending us copies of mail or email solicitations would be most helpful.