Network and Build Connections

Networking at the NAFA Institute & Expo is one of the impactful experiences for attending this preeminent event for fleet professionals.  Whether your goal is to build connections with fleet experts, learn how to navigate during these unique times, find new technologies or to just listen to another point of view, NAFA’s goal is to provide you an experience as close to an in-personal event as possible,

Attending I&E allows you to visit up to six virtual lounges, interact with booth chats in the expo, discuss sessions in the Live Q&A chats,  build new connections with our matching application, and most importantly meet face to face with segmented zoom social hours. 
All these opportunities will be available throughout the NAFA 2020 Virtual Institute & Expo, don’t miss out on the most dynamic fleet event of the year.   


Chat Lounges

  • Six lounges available to socialize and meet with likeminded fleet professionals
  • Breakout opportunities such as connect through group chats or video chats
  • Create individual or small group chats for friends and new colleagues away from the larger discussions to personalize the experience

Session Discussions/Q&A

  • Interact with the presenters and fleet professionals attending a session by utilizing the chat box feature. 
  • Ask questions about each session and have the panelist instantly provide answers.

Booth Chat

  • Visit a booth by yourself or with a group to text and video chat to discover the latest technologies, services and new product offerings from our exhibitors. 

Automated Connection Builder

Take advantage of this peer matching application to help you build connections with fleet professionals from around the world with similar interests as you.  The application:
  • Provides your top 30 connections based on your profile
  • Matches you to other Attendees based on your interests
  • Matches you & suppliers based on product categories
  • Matched suppliers with attendees, not other suppliers, to build new relationships and follow up with current connections.   

Zoom Social Hours

As we wind down for the evening, come join us simply for the fun of  being with other people. Bring your favorite wind-down beverage, sit back, relax and chat with us.  Each evening, two social hours are held at 5pm and 7pm: choose the time that best works for you -- or attend both!
  • Communities Social Hour Tuesday – Each community will have a dedicated social hour to allow you to build relationships within your field. 
  • Regionals Social Hour Wednesday – Expand your regional connections.  Targeted social hours will be set up based on geographic areas

SCANTrivia Game

SCANTrivia™ is an interactive game you can play during the I&E Virtual with your own smartphone. Get ready for fierce competition and big prizes!  Learn more about
 SCANTrivia game.