CAFM U Details


Introducing CAFM U

The CAFM® Boot Camps that I&E attendees have attended in the past are no longer part of NAFA's Institute & Expo. They have been spun off into a new, separate event called CAFM U..
CAFM U is a "university-style" program featuring the eight fleet management disciplines that are part of the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM®) and Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS®) certification programs—credentials that can increase your earnings and are recognized as the gold standard in the fleet management industry.
When you register to attend CAFM U, you'll be able to attend up to eight focused boot camp sessions, study with fellow fleet professionals, and take the exams.  You’ll even be able to attend NAFA’s Institute & Expo – the largest gathering of fleet managers – concurrent with CAFM U.  

Certification Testing at I&E

Interested in just testing for your CAFM or CAFS?  CAFM U has the flexibility to let you take the exams you want and then attend I&E, without the boot camp classes.

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Try out a Boot Camp

Not sure what CAFM and CAFS are all about? As an I&E attendee, you'll be able to sit in on a boot camp class – for free – and gain an understanding of what knowledge is needed to pass a CAFM/CAFS exam.  

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