CAFM U Details


Introducing CAFM U

The CAFM Bootcamps that I&E attendees have attendeed in the past are no longer part of NAFA's Institute & Expo and have been split off into a separate event called CAFM U. 

CAFM U is the fleet certification university, takes place in conjuction with I&E and includes bootcamps, testing and access to I&E elements such as the expo, general sessions,  keynotes and networking events. 

Certification Testing at I&E

Testing is still available for those who don't want to take the boot camps and attending I&E.  Learn more about I&E certification testing


Try out a Boot Camp

All I&E attendees will have the opportunity to sit in a boot camp class and get an understanding of what knowledge is needed to pass a CAFM exam.  

Learn More About Trying a Boot Camp