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What is I&E?

NAFA’s Institute & Expo is the world’s largest and most comprehensive fleet management event. This immersive, three-day experience is also the best place to learn to navigate the innovations coming your way regarding process automation, mobility, connectivity and other emerging technologies, all while tapping into education that helps you manage the myriad of areas you’re responsible for.

Attend NAFA’s I&E to get everything you need to keep propelling your fleet forward:
  • Network with a community of thousands of fleet professionals

  • Experience the latest services and products on the I&E Expo Floor
  • Receive cutting-edge training and education during more than 40 sessions
  • Improve your employer’s bottom line
  • Speakers, special events, and more!
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NAFA's Institute & Expo brings together all the exclusive and varied groups that exist within the automotive fleet community. The classes offered at the event are of the highest quality. This is especially important for professionals entering the field so they can be educated on fleet management. Yet, attendees include every range of experience — even the big wigs are present – and that fact alone provides great value for all; it's a unique conference! People participate, give new ideas, and gain invaluable new connections.

There is so much knowledge and influence present at the conference – it is just amazing! NAFA's I&E is the Super Bowl of Fleet!

Brian PhillipsDirector of Business Development, Fleet & Logistics, Locaid, San Francisco

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