5 Reasons Not To Miss I&E

5 Reasons Not To Miss I&E

The 5 reasons why you won't want to miss NAFA's 2021 VIRTUAL Institute and Expo

  1. Save Register to Attend I&E and Join NAFA to SAVE $100 on I&E Registration and gain all the additional value of a NAFA membership!  Register save Now!

  2. Discover – Learn from experienced fleet professionals during 25+ sessions and memorable networking events that are all included throughout the 4-day conferenceContinue viewing the content for up to two weeks after the event.  
  3. Network – Engage and network with fleet professionals and build lifelong friendships by sharing experiences that will save time, resources, and money.

  4. Explore – Meet with the industry's leading suppliers and identify new technologies that will help you manage your fleet more effectively.

  5. Added-Value - Access to the summer series of exclusive webinars and resources only avaiable to I&E registrants. 


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