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Opening Keynote - Chris Riddell​

Chris Riddell, the highly acclaimed, award winning Global Futurist and speaker on emerging trends and high speed change.

Chris Riddell  is also a renowned strategist advisor, and global trend spotter for businesses and leaders in today’s disrupted digital world.

Chris is a regular international media commentator with hundreds of appearances, on shows such as Sky News, ABC News, The Today Show and Good Morning Television.

Chris has worked with some of the largest and most successful companies and brands in our modern world. Having lived and worked in countries such as the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, China, New Zealand and lately Australia, his understanding of our new world is compelling and thought provoking to say the least.

Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for the most exciting tomorrow you’ve ever seen.

Closing Keynote - Lukas Neckermann​

Join author and researcher Lukas Neckermann as he reviews The Impact of The Mobility Revolution on Fleet Management and takes a deeper dive into the meaning of these changes.

The advent of greater connectivity, electrification, automation, and the sharing economy are transforming our industries. Fleet management is at the center of this transformation. Many of our industries are driving the change; moreover, our relentless focus on efficiency, safety, and improved TCO drives adoption of these new technologies.
Learning Objectives:
1. Learn the key concepts behind connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles
2. Understand the impact of new technologies on automotive, trucking, logistics, leasing, insurance and fleet management
3. Identify next steps in the transformation toward mobility management
4. Develop an immediate “to do” list for your own fleet management activities
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