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Keynote Speaker- Jody Urquhart

This Would Be Funny ... If It Wasn’t Happening To Me! How To Navigate the Future With Enthusiasm & Vigor

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Do you ever think, “Why can’t we just do things how we've always done them?” or “Why can’t people just leave me alone?”

This hilarious and provocative presentation shows fleet managers how to face stress and buoyantly navigate the future. Together we will unfold the reality that navigating the future has replaced change management.
Change is not an event that will eventually fade away. The future is the present, and continual evolution is not optional.

Keynote Objectives:

  • Strategies to let go of the past
  • Embrace work with a sense of urgency, conviction, and vitality
  • Self-renew in change and build resilience
  • Be inconvenienced by your convictions
  • Summon your strength, courage, and talent during the topsy-turvy times
  • How to bring others kicking and screaming into this century


About Jody Urquhart

A highly sought-after funny motivational speaker, Jody Urquhart is the author of All Work & No Say, a bestselling book that shattered assumptions that work can’t be rewarding and fun.
Every motivational talk features, Savvy, Uplifting and Hysterical advice to help your audience develop a buoyant, positive and meaningful perspective in the midst of stress and change.
Jody is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of fun and meaningful work. A motivational speaker for over 16 years, Jody speaks at over 60 organizations and associations every year and is a top keynote speaker. Jody's trademark is to deliver very funny motivational speeches; humor is a key part of her audience connection.
Jody is the author of the best-selling book All Work & No SAY. Her mission is to help motivate people to derive more meaning, fun, and satisfaction from their work.