2020 I&E Update

​Recapping the First of its Kind: The NAFA 2020 Virtual Institute & Expo

The NAFA 2020 Virtual Institute & Expo(I&E) recently completed and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. Over the course of four days, more than 800 fleet professionals attended the first-of-its-kind conference – one of the largest online fleet events of the year. Fleet and mobility management professionals participated in session presentations, live Q&A discussions, communicated in real-time, participated in prize contests, and were incredibly active overall. See what a few conference attendees have to say to highlight the experience:
You nailed it! It’s really exciting how it all came together and honestly works nearly as well as in-person sessions!
Jeffrey A. Hawthorne CAFM, B.S.B.A.
I&E and the platform absolutely far exceeded my expectations.
Mike Camnetar, CAFM
Great job to everyone and what an awesome event. I know I got so much out of this and loved meeting a lot of new folks. Such a great community here!
Sarah DaDalt

Virtual Training and Sessions Were Extremely Popular

Hands-on training doesn’t always have to mean in-person. A popular part of I&E is the sessions, where attendees learn a new skill in a short period of time by walking through new technologies, discussing best practices, learning new skills, etc, in real-time with direct instruction from the presenter. The Virtual Conference had 31 sessions presented by over 80 speakers sharing their knowledge.
It was no different virtually.  Everyone was able to learn the same amount of information that they’d normally learn in-person. Everyone was able to chat, share content, and engage as they would in a session. The live and human feeling was evident and welcome.

The Most Highly Attended Education Sessions:

  • A Better Way: Automation and Predictive Analysis Applied to TCO

  • Accelerate Your Career - 11 Fleet Essentials
  • Critical Policy Areas That Matter. Are You Prepared?
  • Get it Right. Success Stories on Fleet Right Sizing
  • Integrating New Players in your Traditional Fleet Strategy

Most Attended Session was the Opening Keynote: The Hero Effect® - Being your best when it matters the most, by Kevin Brown. Brown urged attendees to reflect on the impact each one of us has on each other. Read more about this motivational session.

Staying on Top of Current Trends

A big part of many companies’ plans moving forward involves learning about the latest solutions in fleet and mobility management. The Virtual Expo saw 13,000 unique booth interactions, including downloading of documents and resources, for the more than 70 virtual booths this year.  This provides evidence that even in challenging times, companies and individuals are still optimistic and looking to the future of their organization.
The Expo was an exciting way to research new solutions or product evolutions due to COVID. By viewing videos, product case studies and downloadable resources, exhibiting companies were able to showcase how you could apply these new tools to an organization, while attendees witness the newest fleet and mobility products and services.

What’s Next?

Our next event will be the NAFA 2021 Institute & Expo taking place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA .